About Technology: Best 10 Android Apps

If you love technology and you are an Android world’s fan and if you want to know rumors at all times, this is the guide for you! I will show you ten of the best free Android apps of 2014.

1) Adidas miCoach
Well made application and very graphically pleasing for athletes to keep under control as various data, distance, route map, time. It’s an excellent alternative to Endomondo.

2) AirDroid
It’s a handy application to manage your Android smartphone or tablet from your favorite browser access.

3) AirPush Detector and AdFree Android
It’s an app that allow you to block unwanted advertisements and notifications.

4) Alive Video Wallpaper
It gives you original animated Wallpapers for mobile: it’s something different from the usual static backgrounds. There are different packages: Base, Niagara, Oceans, Forests.

5) Android Assistant (18 features)
It’s an interesting app to monitor the free memory, to give you infos on the battery and it gives various tools that can return more useful.

6) Any.DO | List of commitments
This is an app for those who have many commitments or little memory, allowing to not forget the things to do. You can manage all your commitments and set alarms for each event.

7) AppSales. Best Apps on Sale
If you want to buy an app at a discount or tattered, this application allows you to control the prices of apps and updates you if there are any offers or discounts to buy them at a lower price than normal.

8) AVG Antivirus Free
This is the most used antivirus for Android systems and it’s also the most downloaded.

9) Auto Call Recorder
This app is useful to record all calls that you make or receive.

10) Barcode Scanner
This app, thanks to the camera of your Android device, allows you to read barcodes, to identify the product and in some cases even the cost.

So, this list will help you to know more about technology and Android apps.

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