Selecting a Data Backup Solution

Data backup should be a routine in both small and large organizations. Individuals with personal computers also need to back their data to ensure all their databases and files are safe after equipment failure or other disasters. There are various solutions available to help you back up data. Your choice should be influenced by the type and amount of data you want to preserve. 

Full Backup

This comprehensive solution copies all the data you want to back up. It offers adequate protection but it tends to be time consuming. You will also need several disks or tapes to store the data. The advantage is that it offers simple and fast restoration. This solution also allows you to maintain different versions of the backed up data. 

Incremental Backup

This is considered an alternative to the time consuming full backup solution. Incremental backup usually takes a shorter period and it only backs up changes in the stored data. The drawback is that restoration takes longer and you may lose some data if a number of files are damaged or misplaced.

Differential Backup

This solution backs up any changes made to the data since the previous backup. An initial backup is carried out and subsequent backups are done whenever changes are made. This simplifies the backup process. The data backup also requires less space compared to full backups because only changes are copied. Differential backup takes longer and storage space use is not as efficient when compared to the incremental solution.


Explore these three main backup solutions and identify a suitable one depending on your individual or organizational needs. Think about what your service-level contract dictates in terms of recovery time when making a choice. You can also consult a data backup expert to help you select an ideal solution. This can save you a lot of frustration and expenses in case of data loss. 

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What You Should Know About Data Backup

Computers have become the new information store for most people. Organizations, companies and individuals store most of their information in the form of files in computers. Most of the information stored is confidential and important. However safe we might think that computers are, we should always remember that they are not always safe. Computers and computer programs are prone to errors and technical problems. This problem in most cases leads to loss of data. Data loss can be as a result of computer viruses, fire, floods, theft, and file corruption among others. Loss of data can lead to loss of information such as customer information, financial information, employee’s data, other files.

To avoid such data losses, there is a need to back your data in an external storage device. Data backup is the process or the act of archiving, or copying files, and folders for the purpose of being able to restore them in case they are lost. There are various considerations that you should make while deciding the best data backup plan. 

One of the major decisions is what data, i.e. files and folders to backup. Generally, you should back up the data that cannot be easily replaced. This could be access databases, word documents, spreadsheets, and other files that would be hard to replace. Program files cannot be backed up. They will need to be reinstalled if they are lost.

The second consideration is which compression to use. Compressing of files ensures that they are as small as possible. You can use your preferred compression method. Have in mind that some files will not compress very much.

Thirdly, you should determine how often you will be running the data backup. This mostly depends on how often the data changes. Data that changes hourly may need hourly backup. Data that changes in a few days may require a weekly update. 

Lastly, you should consider what storage media to back your data in. There are various data storage media that you can use for data backup. They include, additional local hard drive, external drives, optical discs and the virtual disc space. 

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About Technology: Best 10 Android Apps

If you love technology and you are an Android world’s fan and if you want to know rumors at all times, this is the guide for you! I will show you ten of the best free Android apps of 2014.

1) Adidas miCoach
Well made application and very graphically pleasing for athletes to keep under control as various data, distance, route map, time. It’s an excellent alternative to Endomondo.

2) AirDroid
It’s a handy application to manage your Android smartphone or tablet from your favorite browser access.

3) AirPush Detector and AdFree Android
It’s an app that allow you to block unwanted advertisements and notifications.

4) Alive Video Wallpaper
It gives you original animated Wallpapers for mobile: it’s something different from the usual static backgrounds. There are different packages: Base, Niagara, Oceans, Forests.

5) Android Assistant (18 features)
It’s an interesting app to monitor the free memory, to give you infos on the battery and it gives various tools that can return more useful.

6) Any.DO | List of commitments
This is an app for those who have many commitments or little memory, allowing to not forget the things to do. You can manage all your commitments and set alarms for each event.

7) AppSales. Best Apps on Sale
If you want to buy an app at a discount or tattered, this application allows you to control the prices of apps and updates you if there are any offers or discounts to buy them at a lower price than normal.

8) AVG Antivirus Free
This is the most used antivirus for Android systems and it’s also the most downloaded.

9) Auto Call Recorder
This app is useful to record all calls that you make or receive.

10) Barcode Scanner
This app, thanks to the camera of your Android device, allows you to read barcodes, to identify the product and in some cases even the cost.

So, this list will help you to know more about technology and Android apps.

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Microsoft Office 365 Offers A Way To Work On The Move

Cloud computing has come with many exciting opportunities for individuals and businesses of all sizes. The evolution in the information technology space has not only meant that people are able to work on the move, but there is also the opportunity to make significant cost savings. However, you still need to know what is out there on the cloud that you can tap into to enjoy the flexibility of a workplace and financial savings that may come with it.

When it comes to information technology production tools, many people know about Microsoft and their Office products. The good news is that while the earlier Office products required manual installation and even hindered remote access, Office 365 is a different product. This document processing tool is available on the cloud and allows remote access. Additionally, it is also available across multiple platforms. That means that you can, for instance, use Office 365 on devices running of Apple’s iOS platform. There is Office 365 for iPad and it enables you to stick with the tablet device that you love but still enjoy the benefits of a popular production tool from a rival company. 

As one of the popular cloud production services, Office 365 is a powerful information technology tool that offers a lot in terms of scalability. You can scale it up or down as suits your needs. Additionally, the tool offers secure working environment to operate. As if that is not enough, Office 365 provides a cost effective approach to information technology services. Here, you only pay for what you use and that makes a lot of economic sense especially at these times when many people are feeling economically dislocated. 

Perhaps something worth mentioning at this juncture is that Office 365 also comes with interesting support to enable users handle problems easily if and when they arise.

Microsoft Office 365 is just one of the popular information technology tools on the cloud that individuals and businesses can tap into for almost unlimited opportunities. The benefits cited about Office 365 almost cut across the cloud technology space in the sense that users have the opportunity to work flexibly, securely and efficiently. 

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IT Services Are Essential For Organizations

Currently businesses all over the globe are expanding at a quick pace and this also leads to aggressive competition. In such a situation, setting up the right IT systems is a good way of ensuring your business is run efficiently. This is the main reason why majority of businesses nowadays are investing in proper IT systems. With such systems in place, it is imperative that they are kept running smoothly and efficiently and this is where IT services come in handy.

Proper IT infrastructure and support system can propel a business establishment to greater heights. For this reason, businesses both old and new are advised to make sure the most suitable IT infrastructure is installed. Service providers are capable of assessing the needs of an organization after which recommendations are made regarding the most appropriate systems.

Today, major business organizations cannot run their operations efficiently without a server installed at the business premise. Customer requests are often processed by the servers. Generally, the servers ensure businesses can easily link with the outside world.

Almost all major companies rely on IT infrastructure and such installations experience failures from time to time. As a result, there may be need for software or hardware replacement and re-installation. To ensure such problems are resolved quickly, IT support is necessary. Most firms offering services in this field can easily resolve IT related issues within a short period of time.

Data loss can greatly inconvenience a business and this is one of the challenges faced by businesses that do not take the initiative to maintain their IT infrastructure. However, contacting providers of IT services is mandatory to ensure such situations are prevented. Data backup, business contingency and disaster recovery are just a few of the services provided by competent IT support firms. Therefore, contact your preferred service provider if you would like to run your company more efficiently.

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Home and Business Computer Services

The struggle to get the perfect computer experience is far from its end. Be it your home laptop or the office desktop, there are some technicalities we all wish we could solve. However, this has proved to be exigent. Business computer services are just the remedy for such and as an individual you need to head this way.

The Scope

These computer services tackle problems arising from the following areas:

  • Both the hardware and software problems varying from repair to maintenance to installation of other accessories
  • Troubleshooting and prevention services
  • Data and email security as a way to mitigate phishing, hacking and other online crimes
  • Apps-developing, selling and reselling
  • Networking, cloud computing and server maintenance issues
  • General computer customizing and installations

Lastly, they also offer online consultations in network security, evaluation and its recommendations, server and PC problems and their repairs. General consultative services on purchases and the perfect option to quell your office and home problems.

The Benefits

These services ensure a secure networking free of spams, viruses and general security online. Through this, employees and you can enjoy a reliable, efficient and a satisfying experience when using the computer.

Consultations, especially for the business or the office computers’ side, is vital. Developers, planners and professionals in this, offer the perfect recommendations to suit your business or home budget without compromising on quality.

It is economical and convenient way for maintaining your computers. You get the right person to fix your problem with a single call.

They offer free training on how to use some of their installations. A number of excellent computer-servicing companies do this and it has saved up on the need to hire further training services.

Pricing can be a little overstretched for a home package. However, if it is a firm or office setting, then, it’s worth the coin. Just like shopping online, get to know the best deal, and company to deal with.

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The Makings of an Exceptional IT Service

Having to run a business can be a stressful ordeal in itself. Adding a network system crash, or a disability in email communications, will certainly make you start wondering why you had ever decided to partake in the venture of entrepreneurship. Information technology services have become quite the necessity for the smooth operations of various technologically advanced companies, especially those finding themselves within at least a Fortune 5000 standing. Read more online about some great IT services.

If you, as a business owner or manager, attempts to solve an IT problem without so much as an IT professional’s educated opinion, the results can be very costly to your company, even devastating. Figuring out a solution to the problem you are facing can be very confusing and time-consuming, causing you to throw a lot of your time away when you could be spending it towards the business operations tasks of running a successful company, so click here to find out more about IT services.

Looking for and finding a good company that offers exceptional IT services can take a huge load off of your shoulders. When searching for a company that provides IT services, the first thing that you have to look for is whether they offer solutions for hardware as well as software problems. Visit this website to learn more. The IT services company you are searching for should offer a variety of service plans each of which cater to the specific needs and budget of any business interested in hiring them. Another factor to consider when searching for an IT services company is what type of technological support they can offer you. Do any of their packages include system monitoring, network maintenance or managed security services?

Asking yourself these questions will produce the perfect IT services provider for your business’s IT management and solutions, making your life a little easier in the long run.

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Managed Computer Services

Managed professional services are one of the cost-effective ways of enhancing performance. It involves contracting out every day by day administration obligations to professionals who have a great deal of knowledge. Maintained Computer professional services can be an efficient procedure for preventative measure of knowledge technology professional services that enable an organization to arrive at some specifications in provision of the expert services.

Most monitored computer agencies use a team of knowledge Technologist professionals, who have quite a long time experience in the field. For that reason, they will achieve highest performance and ensure returns in the bottom line. They feature IT support continuously throughout the year through cloud-computing and unique multi-site communications which can be uniquely bundled to aid client take on the globe.

Computer support supplied by such companies incorporate program professional services, digital products, consumer expert services, company structures, IP-managed VAS, financial services, marketing expert services amongst many other expert services. All these services are given consistent technology standard that will enable your company to remain with planning and grow secure mainly because it perform to its best.

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Computer Network Tutorial

Computer networks play a vital role in our businesses. Not sure how they work? Watch this short video by sergiopa2002 on YouTube as he explains what networks are and how they work.

If you want to read more about computer networks, go here.

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What is Cloud Computing

You’ve probably heard the term “cloud computing” but what is it? This short video by Cloud Commerce on YouTube ( explains just what it is!

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